Watch out, Chicago!

Watch out, Chicago!

Slap on your hardhats, dear readers, because we’re about to drop some seriously heavy names.


Snowstorm strikes tomorrow, and people are losing it with anticipation. Chicago news sources are jumping to cover the season’s musical high point.


We’ve conquered the first page of the Chicago Tribune​’s “On the Town” section.


If you caught America This Morning​ on ABC​ today, then you already know that T.J. Holmes and Reena Ninan are ready for us to storm Navy Pier this weekend.


NBC 5​’s LeeAnn Trotter reminded Chicago yesterday that the city’s first ever winter music festival will feature the incomparable, unmissable Moby​.


And if you aren’t into TV news, you still have no excuse to miss out, because WGN­-AM Radio ​forecasted Snowstorm yesterday too, warning you that Redmoon​ theatre troupe is helping us transform Navy Pier into a ferociously cool winter wonderland.


And if you’re really, really in­-the-­know, you tuned into WCIU​’s “You & Me This Morning​” today for their exclusive musical performance and interview with artist Kody Madro​, who’ll be lighting up our stage on Saturday. If you missed out, worry not! You can watch the clip here.


When everyone’s talking about Snowstorm around the water cooler on Monday, have the story that tops them all. High-­tail it over to the Pier this Saturday and show everyone how to really party. (But you gotta book your tickets ASAP, because they’re almost sold out!)