So… about this whole “wear white” business…

So… about this whole “wear white” business…

I know, guys, you stashed away your white jeans after Labor Day, and they haven’t seen the sun since. And yes, white can be a tricky color to pull off/not spill all over/etc.

Here’s a little advice for avoiding the pitfalls and rocking an all­-white look, from someone who’s learned the hard way.

Model in whiteYES.


Snowstorm blog_ whiteoutNO.


  • Carry a detergent pen.
    • We all know that white clothing is cursed and you will inevitably sit on crumbs, break your pen in your pocket, spill your drink, drip your greasy pizza on it, or slip and get some nice dirt/grass stains. Detergent pens are a lightweight, inexpensive little Godsend to us klutzy kids.


  • Avoid show-n-tell undies.
    • It’s a common (and unfortunate) misconception that white down­-unders won’t show through white clothing. Guess what: your skin is not bright white, so the parts of your clothing that cover just your skin are gonna look different from the parts that cover more sensitive content. The solution? Go with intimates that approximate the color of your skin for a flawless, uninterrupted all-­white ensemble.


  • Use texture to your advantage.
    • Light colors make spaces look larger–­­and white is the lightest color of all. Because of this, many people steer clear of white, scared of looking like the Michelin Man. This is really too bad. White is a wild mustang–­­it just has to be tamed properly to perform beautifully.
    • The key is to vary up the textures and shapes in your outfit to create boundaries. A thicky, buttoned blazer creates structure. Some ruching or a belt effortlessly carves out a waistline. A shiny, draped silk catches your curves seductively. Try mixing heavier fabrics with lighter and tighter pieces with flowy ones for a multidimensional, ultra-­flattering effect.


  • Choose the right shade of “white.”
    • Particularly if you have a very light skin tone, you’ve probably noticed that certain whitish garments make you glow like you’re on top of the world, while others make you look sickly and tired. White is a particularly unforgiving hue when it comes to picking the right white for your skin tone.
    • If you have a cool skin tone (you gravitate toward silver accessories and jewel tones, and your veins are purplish or bluish), opt for bright, pearly whites–­­the crisper the better.
    • If you have a warm skin tone (you’re all about gold jewelry and earth tones, and your veins are a touch more of a greenish blue), stick with softer, more organic “whites” like eggshell, cream, and ivory.


  • Accessorize.
    • Accessories further add dimension and interest to your monochromatic style.Whether its an oversized watch, a faux fur vest, some patent leather, or even a feather boa, accessories harmonize and emphasize the overall personality of your outfit.


  • Be fearless.
    • White is NOT just for summer anymore! Nor is it just for brides/babies/Audrey Hepburn/whatever other limitations you’ve been buying into. White is perfect for YOU. Experiment, be comfortable, make the look your own, and, most importantly, wear it with confidence­­—you look brilliant.


See? Bruce Jenner’s killing all-­white so fiercely, his mug should be on a “Wanted” poster. If he can

pull it off, you totally can too!


  • Don’t sweat it.
    • Wearing white is easy. If you’re not ready to go all out, start small–­­throw on a white t-shirt and some white Keds. Go luxe or casual, elaborate or simple. White is for everybody.


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