Driving to Snowstorm?

Driving to Snowstorm?

While our Snowstorm will be a blast, actual snow can be bit of a challenge–­­especially when it’s on the roads.


Since the Windy City is also a very snowy, icy, and slushy city this time of year, here are a few friendly tips for those of you who’ll be driving to the concert:


  1. Slow down. ​Chicagoans are always in a hurry, but your tires get less traction on ice,so you need to give yourself more time to stop, accelerate, and turn.

  3. Windshield scrapers: Have one handy. ​Even if you get most of the snow off of your windshield, the layer of ice underneath could still seriously hinder your visibility. To get all the ice off your windows, keep an windshield scraper stashed in your vehicle.

  5. Snow is not water. ​While they may both be H2O, you can drive through a puddle, but not through a snowbank. Don’t try to force your car through patches of snow- ­­you could get stuck, damage the car, or, even worse, lose control of the car’s movement.

  7. Keep the tank at least half full. ​If the tank gets too empty when the temps plummet, the gas could actually freeze, and you don’t want that.
  8. Watch that your exhaust pipe stays clear ​and doesn’t get clogged with ice or snow. Say no to carbon monoxide poisoning.

  10. Give fellow drivers more space. ​Everyone’s going to need more reaction time, so don’t follow other cars as closely as you would in ideal conditions.


Don’t let Chicago snow keep you from Snowstorm. Be smart, stay safe, and come on out. We look forward to seeing you soon!